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Versalift Aerial Devices / Bucket Trucks

Versalift trucks have been in production for over 40 years. They are tough and dependable and have proved to be one of the finest aerial lifts available. A great number of major utility fleets around the world depend on them. It is hard to find an aerial device operator who doesn't like Versalift.

VST Series Bucket Trucks:

The VST product line has grown from the original 41’ working height VST-3600 all the way up to the 80’ working height VST-7500. All models are available with optional hydraulic extending and elevating winch and jib, light axle loading, and no protruding parts beyond the front or rear bumpers. All models, including the 80’ VST-7500 can be built on a single rear axle, non-FET chassis. Your crew will love the extra payload and increased maneuverability.
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VO Series Bucket Trucks:

Versalift has a full line of articulated, overcenter bucket trucks and aerial devices ranging in height from 36’ to 65’, including forestry units with over 50’ of horizontal reach, and heavy-duty material handlers for electric utility operations. All of these units are rugged and dependable. No cables are used in the aerial device for lower maintenance and increased operator safety.
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VN Series Bucket Trucks:

Continuous rotation—unrestricted in either direction. This is accomplished by a hydraulic motor driven worm and spur gear acting on a shear-ball rotation bearing. The standard VN-55 fiberglass platform (end mounted and classified as two man) is 24" x 48" x 42" (0.61 m x 1.22 m x 1.07 m) deep with two inside and two outside steps for easy access. Liners and vinyl covers are available for the platform.

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Tel Series Bucket Trucks

Versalift offers a full line of telescopic aerials ranging in working height from 34’ to 69’. The Tel-29 is popular with telecommunication fleets worldwide.

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SST Series Bucket Trucks

The SST series comes in both 42’ and 45’ working heights– available as an insulated or non-insulated boom. Highlights include mainte- nance free bearings, torque stripe, integral oil reservoir, chrome pivot pins, and parts painted prior to assembly. All units can be built with either outriggers or torsion bar stabilization.

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LT Series Bucket Trucks

These platform lifts come in 62’ and 69’ working heights, have continuous, unrestricted 360° boom rotation, state-of-the-art, full-feathering joystick controls, and 180° platform rotation. Storage and tool platforms can be customized to fit long fluorescent bulbs.

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UTE line of aerial devices & Heavy Equipment
Utility bodies & chassis:
UTE uses a variety of chassis models for mounting new Versalifts; we custom design our utility bodies to your specifications.Our sales force can guide you with the proper specifications.

Cranes: National is the finest telescopic type crane in the world. It is the benchmark for quality and reliability. UTE has been mounting these cranes for over 20 years. The latest package features the 400 series boom on a non-CDL chassis with 66’ of sheave height. Optional jibs, radio controls, work baskets and much more are available.

Mechanics truck

Mechanics truck: The swiss army knife of utility vehicles – a Liftmoore Crane coupled with a heavy-duty Knapheide crane body, mounted on a 17,950 lb. chassis.

cable Splicer

Cable Splicers: Multi-functional aerial units for cable installation and maintenance, LineRunner Cable Placers are designed for extended reach and built for optimized operator performance.


Versalift TMD Series
Digger Derrick:
A full service utility vehicle for pole setting and multi-finction digging. With full hydraulic controls, the TMD is an easy machine to operate and maintain. A full array of options are available to customize your digger truck for most any application.


Bushcat Off-Road
Pole Setting Rig:
This unit is ideal for areas that can’t be reached by a larger utility vehicle: it’s compact, but durable and tough enough for almost any condition. The custom built Butler trailer conveniently stores attachments and can be towed behind a one-ton vehicle.

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