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Versalift logoVersalift TMD 2000 Series Digger Derrick

The TMD 2000 Series is offered in four models:

Versalift Digger Derrick tail view

Versalift Digger Derrick tail view

Versalift offers the TMD Series Digger Derrick, a tough and durable utility vehicle, loaded with innovation and quality. This digger derrick is built to last and perform on demand. This versatile machine can dig holes, hoist and set utility poles, and lift other materials. Sheave heights of up to 50 ft and winch capacities of up to 15,000 lbs, can be mounted on your specified chassis platform.

  • Boom Assembly: Both lower and intermediate booms are constructed of high strength steel, while the upper boom is made of high-strength fiberglass.
  • Insulation: The fiberglass construction of the upper boom is certified for 46kV and below in accordance with ANSI A10.31 dielectric rating requirements.
  • Boom Lift Cylinder: Two double-acting hydraulic cylinders—each with dual counterbalance holding valves, and self-aligning spherical bearing—drive the extension system.
  • Rotation Drive: Rotation is hydraulically driven utilizing a worm and spur gear acting on a shear ball rotation bearing. The gearbox features a load sense that measures side loads applied to the boom.
  • Turntable Winch: Utilizing its worm gearbox, hydraulic motor, holding valve, and drum, the winch—at 15,000 lb maximum capacity­—provides an average line speed of 35 fpm at 40 gpm flow.
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection: Overload protection is non-electronic. The pure hydraulic system senses the boom lift cylinder pressure and side loads at the rotation gearbox and disables operation of major components when an overload condition is detected.
  • Continuous Rotation: Continuous and unrestricted in either direction.
  • Pins, Bearings, and Lubrication: Main pivot and cylinder joints use high-strength hard chrome plated steel pins with fiberglass reinforced Teflon non-lube bearings.
  • Hydraulic System: An open center tandem system provides the digger and winch circuit with 40 gpm, and 15 gpm for the boom functions. The digger/winch circuit operates at 2300 psi and the boom circuit operates at 2600 psi.
  • 52 In Tall Pedestal: The steel fabrication incorporates a 1.5” thick top plate, machined flat to support the rotation bearing.
  • Lower Panel Control Gauges: The digger/winch pressure gauge senses pressure generated while using the digger and winch; the boom pressure gauge senses the pressure generated while using the boom control valve.
  • Engine Start/Stop Control: Operated by a toggle switch at the lower controls.
TMD 4000 series derrick digger
TMD 4000 series digger

TMD 4000 Series

Versalift now offers the 4000 series, a full line of extra heavy duty digger/derricks with extended height and capacity.  Models include 45,50,55 and 60’ sheave heights, with all options currently available on the lighter duty 2000 series digger.  Maximum capacities of up to 30,500# make this line of machines capable of setting almost any heavy pole.  The full hydraulic controls and twin lift cylinders make the 4000 series easy to operate and reliable in the field.

  • Single, “T” handle control
  • Insulated third stage
  • Radio controls
  • Radial and telescopic outriggers
  • Turret or boom tip winches
  • Extra large or regular pole claws
  • Pole claw protection/interlock
  • Pin on buckets
  • Emergency Power
  • Hydraulic cooler

No matter if the terrain is soft, dry, or rocky, you can dig through a variety of types of soil with ease when operating our hydraulically powered augers. With sheave heights of 42’, 45’, 47’, and 50’, our Digger Derricks use a single double-acting boom lift cylinder to hoist poles or lift large materials at 23,900-27,800 lb. maximum capability. Our TMD’s powerful winch is turret-mounted and has a capability of 15,000 lbs. at a 10-foot radius. Save time with complete control of your line at an average line speed of 35 fpm with our sheave heights ranging from 42-50 feet at 40gpm flow.

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